Alexander Galloway: 10 Theses On The Digital

An ontology of the digital.


  • broken
  • discrete points

⤷ How did they become discrete in the first place?


  • smooth
  • continous curves

Digital is the basic distinction that allows us to make any distinction at all. It is the capacity to divide things and make distinctions between them.

No 0, 1 but 1,2.

Thesis 1. The digital means the one dividing in tow.

Any process that produces or maintain differences between two or more elements can be labelled digital.

→ differential being (affirmative)
→ dialectical being (negative)

Thesis 2. The analogue means the two coming together as one

Two poles of immanence.

→ continuous being
→ generic being

Thesis 3. An analogy creates and identity.

→ heterogeneity
→ homogeneity

Thesis 4. The digital produces the transcendental.

Thesis 5. Flat digitality is from the multiplexing of the object.

It is an aggregation of cells (think about the digital video codecs, the bitmap image, the desktop's windows, the vide splitscreen, etc.)

Thesis 6. Deep digitality is from the multiplexing of the subject.

It aspires at a multiplicity, if not an infinity, of points of view.

→ it is matrixes of the subjects, not screen grids of objects. It is a matrixes of vision.
→ it is no more a "traditional" image, but a para-photographic one (like a sculpture, or theatre or music).
→ it is a reversed panopticon, unlike flat digitality.

Wikipedia is the perfect example for this: one point, one image, one data, "attacked" by a multiplicity of subjects.

Thesis 7. The one is imaginable only through the waning of being.

Thesis 8. Philosophy is rooted in a grand illusion.

Thesis 9. Philosophy is a digitalization of the real: the one dividing in two.

A system accordingly split or accordingly variegated to the law of two.

Thesis 10. Immanence is always the greatest heresy.

Just as the one is radical immanence it is also radical terror, because it overturns the applecart of being riven.

Deleuze said "Though makes difference, but difference is monstrous".

Digitalization is monstrous, but it does not hold a candle to the glorious monstrous cataclysm of the one.