re:publica 2016 – Trebor Scholz: How Platform Cooperativism Can Unleash the Network

Platform cooperativism is based on two principles:

  1. communal ownership
  2. democratic governance

At 10:18 he assesses that digital labour is the tail of a long process, began in the 1970s with post-fordism, to put an end to work employment.

This model could really help a transition toward a post-capitalist, post-work society—where workers own the means of production and the surplus value is localised and spread in the geographical areas (e.g. a city) where labour takes place (unlike with the current sharing economy model, where the surplus value goes back to the platform—Uber, Airbnb, etc).

More over, there might even be a question toward the need of a Universal Basic Income, if this model would effectively succeed. Still, a UBI could be at the basis of these different societies anyway, and the surplus value generated by activities using platform cooperativism could be other than money. Idk.