ow is a research project focused on the transformation of the internet user in relation to labour. It draws from Benjamin Bratton's The Stack definition of user—anything able to interface with another user; whether human, animal, plant, mineral, machinic, algorithmic, etc.—to understand the idea of work in a different way.

To do so, the project sets a scenario where a Universal Basic Income is a prerequisite for a post-work society, undermining the classic idea of work and worker—a process began in the 70s with the rising of the post-fordist figure.

The internet user is, indeed, the latest iteration of a process of full identification between the post-fordist worker and his her job, where intellectual and affective labour are the main means of production and of subject-formation.


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Working on:

  • The Ideology of Free Culture and the Grammar of Sabotage—Matteo Pasquinelli

    I am aware that Pasquinelli does not want this text to circulate on the internet anymore, and that he took distance from it, but I found it a pleasant entry point to connect to a future reading of the Accursed Share, while also reading it as a follow up to Anna Nimus’ Copyrights, Copyleft and the Creative Anti-Commons. The text is from almost 10 years ago. The living energy of machines: Michel Serres and the cybernetic parasite The parasite is the asymmetrical arrow absorbing and condensing energy in a natural continuum from small organisms to human beings: “the parasite parasites the para... more