ow is a research project focused on the transformation of the internet user in relation to labour. It draws from Benjamin Bratton's The Stack definition of user—anything able to interface with another user; whether human, animal, plant, mineral, machinic, algorithmic, etc.—to understand the idea of work in a different way.

To do so, the project sets a scenario where a Universal Basic Income is a prerequisite for a post-work society, undermining the classic idea of work and worker—a process began in the 70s with the rising of the post-fordist figure.

The internet user is, indeed, the latest iteration of a process of full identification between the post-fordist worker and his her job, where intellectual and affective labour are the main means of production and of subject-formation.


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Working on:

  • A Public Library—Forderungen [Demands]

    A conversation on financial feudalism, self-governing intelligent objects, and a possible future without money, with Ralph and Stefan Heidenreich. Financial feudalism reigns over our economy. It requires that massive amounts of wealth be concentrated in the few, and precarity and poverty for the rest. Forderungen (2105, Merve), Ralph and Stefan Heidenreich’s recently published follow-up to Mehr Geld (2008, Merve), considers our dystopian future and contests it with three utopian solutions: one based on state power; one rooted in the current financial regime; and one emerging from algorithms and networks. State-based Keynesian interventions call for a job guarantee that can ensure full em... more