ow is a research project focused on the transformation of the internet user in relation to labour. It draws from Benjamin Bratton's The Stack definition of user—anything able to interface with another user; whether human, animal, plant, mineral, machinic, algorithmic, etc.—to understand the idea of work in a different way.

To do so, the project sets a scenario where a Universal Basic Income is a prerequisite for a post-work society, undermining the classic idea of work and worker—a process began in the 70s with the rising of the post-fordist figure.

The internet user is, indeed, the latest iteration of a process of full identification between the post-fordist worker and his her job, where intellectual and affective labour are the main means of production and of subject-formation.


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  • re:publica 2016 – Trebor Scholz: How Platform Cooperativism Can Unleash the Network

    Platform cooperativism is based on two principles: communal ownership democratic governance At 10:18 he assesses that digital labour is the tail of a long process, began in the 1970s with post-fordism, to put an end to work employment. This model could really help a transition toward a post-capitalist, post-work society—where workers own the means of production and the surplus value is localised and spread in the geographical areas (e.g. a city) where labour takes place (unlike with the current sharing economy model, where the surplus value goes back to the platform—Uber, Airbnb, etc). More over, there might even be a... more