André Fincato

I do programming and design.

Berlin (Trust), Amsterdam (Hackers & Designers).

I’m currently working on a custom, git-based, wiki system for a design school.

I’ve been exploring what I call torrent-like publishing. Bits of this are present in the git-wiki project, as well as in the Platform 2 Platform prototype. They were already present at some point during Arachne, but I was not aware yet. I plan to write on this soon, after some years trying to find good descriptive shapes for it.

Cold: active, on-hold collaborations include a mutation of Arachne w/ Dorothy Howard and a self-learnig group on lisp-based programming languages w/ Sam Hart called Local Linked List — (will these ever re-mutate?).

(online space of torture; very embryonic exploration of split, distributed archives under the seasonal process of harvesting and rotting matter).